The Comprehensive Executives Salary Survey

The Comprehensive Executives Salary Survey answers the need for specific and exact information on the compensation package received by the top management level in Israel organizations.
The survey includes analysis of compensation levels and benefit packages for the executive level – e.g. Chairman of the Board, CEO or General Manager (for subsidiaries of multinationals), and the CEO/GM’s direct reporters.
Pay levels are analyzed for each position and include analysis of different data cuts, based on organization’s revenue, employee count, and type of organization (locally-based or subsidiary of multinational).
The customary benefit package for this level includes a bonus and profit-sharing policy, retirement programs, risk benefits, company car, paid time-off, medical insurance, golden parachutes, etc.  A special chapter of the survey is dedicated to stock-options and equity-based compensation plans, which are a significant component in executive compensation.
The survey is conducted collaboratively with the KPMG, which has assisted in consolidating the survey methodology and contributes to analyzing equity-based compensation data, as well as quality control for the survey and reliability of the results.