Equity-Based Compensation Survey for Private Companies

Zviran’s Equity-Based Compensation Survey for Private Companies meets the need for information regarding stock-options and shares grants to employees, a common compensation vehicle that supplements salary. This survey provides analyses on a variety of aspects:

  • Prevalent types of equity vehicles (stock options, restricted shares, RSUs, etc.).
  • Grant policies: hiring grants and periodic grants.
  • Eligible populations.
  • Size of grant as percentage of issued capital.
  • Range of other aspects: performance conditions, maximum dilution, factors affecting grant amount, grant policy abroad, etc.

Data is collected via an online system and includes company information that allows analysis of data according to venture rounds, company income, line of business, etc. Survey results are updated periodically with data from new participants joining the survey.
This survey is conducted by Zviran in cooperation with ESOP from Excellence Nessuah, a leading trust company in Israel, which provides trust and operational services for equity-based compensation plans. ESOP was a full partner in designing the survey methodology and contributes the required knowledge and experience in data analysis and auditing the survey quality and reliability of results.