Consumer Goods (FMCG) Pay & Benefits Survey

The Pay & Benefits survey in the field of consumer goods (FMCG) was launched in 2006 and has been produced once a year ever since, based on the methodology and knowledge acquired over the years.
As a basis for producing the survey, employee compensation data is collected periodically from all subscribing organizations. The data is received directly from the employers and are based on each organization’s payroll system. The survey covers dozens of companies active in the consumer goods market in Israel, including the fields of food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products, electric and electronic devices, cars, services, distribution, and more. The database covers ~40 organizations employing some 30,000 employees in some 200 positions. The sample of participating companies is diverse and includes organizations of different sizes and characteristics.
Survey results are not a standard off-the-shelf product; they are customized for each participating organization and allow the analysis of the organization’s data compared to the entire sample, custom-made peer groups, or both. The survey analyzes salary data over the entire range of positions that characterize the consumer goods industry. Results cover 6 pay layers (e.g. base salary, total cash etc.).
In addition, once a year (in January) survey participants receive a flash update analyzing the main trends in the consumer goods sector, including hiring, dismissals, attrition, salary updates, bonuses, and more.