Benefits and Terms of Employment

Zviran data includes the range of terms of employment and benefits provided to the employee and consists a complementary product to the pay data service, enabling continuous benchmark of benefits and terms of employment to market standard.
The data is reported by the employers and is accessible via an advanced, secured online system (SaaS), which enables:

  • Online data reporting, including explanations and alerts.
  • Access to 20 chapters, such as paid time-off, Pension Plans, Company Card, Holiday Gifts, and much more.
  • Data cuts according to sector (High-tech, pharma, Consumer Goods, etc.), company size, company type (private or publically-traded, subsidiaries of multinationals, etc.), employee unionization, etc. The system also enables creating custom-made data cuts online.
  • Per-user definition of statistical data displayed.
  • Graphical display of data.

The data is periodically updated as new employers join the survey as well as existing participants updating their policies.
The database includes in data of some 200 companies, employing some 130,000 employees. The data includes is covered in 20 chapters encompassing all aspects in the employment and benefits policy:

  1. Pension Plan
  2. Study Fund
  3. Health and Dental Insurance
  4. Termination of Employment
  5. Cars and Transportation Allowance
  6. Working Hours and Attendance Tracking
  7. Paid Time-off, Sick Leave and Parental Leave
  8. Overtime, Shifts and On-Call pay
  9. Communication Benefits (e.g. mobile phone, internet at home)
  10. Convalescence Pay, 13th Salary, Clothing Allowance and Professional Literature
  11. Holiday and Special Occasion Gifts
  12. Meal and Dining benefits
  13. Salary Advances and Loans
  14. Bonuses and Sales Incentives practices
  15. Equity-based Compensation
  16. Business Trips Abroad
  17. Relocation
  18. Training and Studies
  19. Welfare and Community Outreach
  20. Human Resource Practices and Enabling Unit Statistics