Pay Data

Zviran has been reporting pay data to employers for over 35 years – our data is used by over 60% of the companies in the Tel Aviv 35 index, and over 80% of the multinational companies active in Israel.
A subscription to the Zviran Pay Data Service lets employers know pay levels for each position.
Zviran’s Pay Data is based on information received from over 400 employers and covers over 150,000 employees.  It is probably the largest statistical pay data sample in the world (relative to the size of the country’s economy).
The pay data is reported by employee position – Zviran has a detailed job catalog that includes over 1,000 jobs.  For each job, the job catalog provides:

  • Job name.
  • Hierarchical level, according to Zviran’s leveling methodology.
  • Job category (e.g. Production, Sales, etc.) and a sub-category called Job Family.
  • One sentence describing the Job main purpose.
  • Key responsibilities and tasks.
  • Common education, certification or experience level.
  • Typical alternative titles.

Zviran’s Pay Data Service was designed specifically for the Israeli market, and includes at least 7 pay layers for each job, such as Base Salary, Direct Employment Cost and more.  In addition, pay data per job includes:

  • Pay levels for new hires in each job – which can indicate whether salary levels for that job are rising or declining.
  • Detailed information on bonuses and sales incentives.
  • Company car eligibility and whether it is on top of the salary or in exchange for a pay reduction.
  • Study fund eligibility, employer contribution rate, and whether the contribution is capped at the tax ceiling.
  • Overtime pay.
  • Detailed information on on-call pay.
  • Detailed information on shift pay.

The data is provided on a state-of-the-art, secured online platform (SaaS), which enables:

  • Comparing between jobs.
  • Displaying several employer samples by sector (technology, pharma, consumer goods, etc.), size, character (private or publically traded, subsidiaries of multinationals, etc.) and more.
  • Comparisons between employer samples (e.g. salary levels in the technology sector vs. the pharmaceutical sector in the same job).
  • Display and comparison of several pay layers.
  • Employee level CompRatio and percentile benchmark positioning.
  • Display of both graphs and data tables.
  • Support, information, and tutorial videos.
  • Report exports.

It is important to note that market data presented to each employer do not include the employer’s own reported data. Data is updated twice a year with the most recent data reported by employers.
A subscription to Zviran’s Pay Data Service includes access to two semi-annual flash updates (January and July) that analyze main trends, including hiring, dismissals, attrition, salary updates, bonuses, etc.
In addition, the subscription includes data on student salaries, participation in Zviran’s annual conference, and ongoing support.