Aequitas from Zviran allows employers to conduct gender pay equity analysis and produce the reports legally required in accordance with Israel legislation (amendment 6 to the Equal Pay Law for Male and Female Workers).
To use the system, the employer uploads its demographics and pay data in a predefined format.
The system facilitate the process of reviewing pay equity in a flexible and simple manner:

  • The organization can be segmented according to any data fed into the system (business unit, legal entity, level, job family, job, seniority group, etc.).
  • The organization can be segmented according to Zviran’s model, by job category, job family, level, and job.
  • Production of the three reports required by law: the internal report, the public report, and the employee report.
  • The reports are available in two versions: a version required by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissionaire, and a designed version unique to Zviran clients.
  • The internal report is interactive and enables other segmentations, as well as zooming-in up to the individual employee level. In addition, it enables analysis of pay equity according to CompRatio.
  • Reports can be downloaded as PDFs and as Excel files.
  • Individual employee report – option to define names for employee PDF reports using the information uploaded for each employee (e.g. employee ID), as well as automatic download to folders according to office location, business unit, level, or any other information available in the system.
  • Reports can be produces with the company’s name and logo, as well as adding various explanations to the company-level reports.

What else should you know about the system?

  • In order to safeguard the sensitive data, the system is installed on the client’s systems (not on the cloud).
  • Zviran does not receive any of the data. In fact, after installation, the system can be used without internet connection.
  • All data in the system is encrypted.
  • The system is available only in Hebrew.
  • System subscription is for a full consecutive 12 months.
  • As data upload is done by the organization using excel – there is no limitation on loading data from any HR or payroll system.

As part of the subscription, you can also receive consulting and assistance in preparing data (for an additional fee).
To set up a system demo, please contact us.