Ongoing Consulting to Employers for Pension Employee Risk Benefits

While pension and employee risk benefits (life and long term disability insurance) represent the most expensive of benefits, and although it touches the financial future of employees, it’s quite frequently being managed on ‘auto-pilot’. HR people often find this complicated and confusing, and ever-changing regulation makes it even harder to follow.
Zviran offers employers an ongoing service which helps managing these important plans, covering the following:

  • Pension (pension funds, provident funds, and managers insurance products).
  • Life insurance.
  • Long term disability insurance.
  • Study fund (an Israeli mid-term saving vehicle, which comes with material tax advantage).


We join forces with clients to develop a workplan that covers aspects such as:

  • Defining a comprehensive organizational pension policy for aspects such as pay elements to be included in the pensionable salary, Section 14, employee eligibility etc.
  • Ongoing regulatory and tax updates
  • Ongoing audit and control, including auditing insurance companies, investment houses and insurance brokers.
  • Pension administration advice, including cash flow processes, approval processes etc.
  • Creating service-level agreements with the insurance broker and the various providers (insurance companies, pension funds, investment houses).
  • Negotiations and processes design with insurance companies, investment houses and insurance brokers, as required.
  • Redesigning the way employees receive advice and making the pension information accessible to employees.
  • Reducing management fees and insurance premiums, improving Life and LTD insurance coverage, and minimizing medical underwriting requirements.
  • Helping communicate the complicated pension and risk benefits aspects to employees, including creating communication materials and lectures to employees.