Relocation Consulting

Today, cross-country business operations are quite common and often require employees to be relocated to another country.
Zviran offers two types of relocation-related services:

  • Defining the compensation, benefits and move related eligibilities package for relocation assignees.
  • Defining the employer’s relocation policy, including the following aspects:
    • Types of assignments (e.g. short vs. long term assignments).
    • Approval process and internal cost allocation within the company.
    • Employee-employer relations.
    • Compensation – base salary, bonuses, sales incentives, overtime, etc.
    • Benefits – paid time-off, sick leave, pension, car, etc.
    • Move related eligibilities – flights, shipping, housing, education, home leave, etc.
    • Policy regarding taxation, payroll entity, currencies, and expense reimbursement.
    • Special scenarios policy, such as for early return, birth during assignment, married couple going on assignment, etc.