Compensation & Benefit Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing services of compensation and benefit management in companies covers a variety of aspects in compensation and benefits activities, such as:

  • Defining compensation and benefit policies
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Employee communication and training
  • Providing answers for employee and manager queries
  • Analysis of labor costs
  • Sales incentive and bonus plans design and management
  • Design and management of equity-based compensation plans
  • Management of pension and employee risk benefits
  • Supplier management (stock administrators, insurance companies, insurance agents, relocation administrators, etc.)

Based on the needs and wants of the client, the service may include management of a team of client employees and/or Zviran analysts. In some cases, service has included grooming an in-house client’s compensation and benefits manager.
The benefit for the client is employment flexibility (including part-time position) and mainly the option of receiving specific expertise required by the client (equity-based compensation, relocation, pension and insurance, Pay & Benefits surveys, activity abroad, etc.) from Zviran’s assortment of experts.