Job Leveling, Job Evaluation and Job Descriptions

Organizational hierarchy and job definitions serve as the foundation for most of people management policies and processes. Like any other infrastructure, its use is what generates value – the more it is used for various processes and HR aspects, the more value it creates.
Zviran brings a profound knowledge of various leading methodologies of job-levelling to the table, as well as a unique job catalog, including hundreds of jobs and job descriptions. In fact, the largest job leveling and job architecture projects in Israel in recent years were carried out by Zviran.
Zviran offers the following consulting services:

  • Defining organizational hierarchy using Zviran’s methodology, Mercer’s IPE methodology or a unique methodology customized to client needs.
  • Implementing Zviran’s or Mercer’s ready-made job catalog or developing a unique job catalog customized to client needs.
  • Consulting on definition of job families.
  • Consulting and assistance in the process of mapping employees to jobs, job families and hierarchical level.
  • Consulting on implementing the organizational hierarchy infrastructure and job catalog in the employer’s IT systems, as well as internal processes which needs to be changed, such as new hires onboarding, promotions etc.
  • Definition of a variety of HR processes in accordance with the infrastructure – compensation policies, benefits policies, salary ranges, performance review processes, and more.
  • Developing conversion tables between organizational hierarchy and job definitions and hierarchical levels of leading Pay & Benefits surveys worldwide.