Job Pricing in Israel and Abroad

What is the standard salary for an experienced DevOps engineer? For a VP sales? What salary is considered high? What is the salary offered by other companies in the field? What is the right pay mix for a salesperson? Sometimes a specific need arises for compensation data for a specific position (e.g. to recruit or retain a key talent). Focused survey data from Israel and abroad provide the solution for this exact need.
Data for positions in Israel is provided based on Zviran proprietary compensation and benefits database and data abroad is provided based on Mercer’s database – the largest pay and benefits database in the world.
Services include:

  • Building the relevant focus group based on existing market data (competitors, size, location, job description, etc.).
  • Compensation (base salary, bonus, commission, overtime etc.) and benefits (pension, company car, paid time-off etc.) data (in Israel or abroad) for a specific position.
  • Analysis of the relative position (percentile) compared to standard salary levels for the given position.