Executive Compensation

One of the most significant tools that the board of directors and the CEO have in creating executive remuneration policy and affecting the organization’s success is executive compensation. Zviran’s dedicated database is based on real-world data from our Pay & Benefits surveys (particularly the Comprehensive Pay & Benefits Survey for Executives in Israel) and is continuously updated.  Our consulting services include:

  • Executive Compensation and Benefit surveys.
  • Creating an executive compensation policy and updating it periodically (in both private and public companies, in accordance with Amendment 20 to the Israeli Companies Law).
  • Supporting the company through the approval process of the policy in the compensation committee, board of directors and general assembly, with both private and institutional investors.
  • Building a performance-based variable pay program for the CEO and executive team, while maintaining the balance between the interests of all stakeholders (shareholders, board of directors, CEO and management).
  • Building equity-based compensation plans based on market data; variable models of long-term compensation and incorporating time- or performance-based elements as needed.
  • Building and implementing deferred compensation plans in order to maximize long-term savings for company executives.