Bonus Plans and Sales Incentives

Building and implementing bonuses and sales incentive plans, when designed and carried out well, is a powerful tool in implementing a company’s business strategy. Zviran has many years of experience creating and improving bonus and incentive plans, while maintaining a clear linkage between the company’s business goals and the desired behavior of a sales team. These plans serve both large and small companies in various sectors of the market to create policy that will optimally tie labor costs to the organization’s business performance. All this can be achieved by building the following tools:

  • Performance-based bonus and profit-sharing plans that adjust labor cost to financial results as well as incentivize employees and managers for company desired behavior.
  • Sales incentive and commission plans for sales people in Israel and abroad (including sub-specialization in SaaS companies).
  • President Club mechanisms for exemplary sales people.
  • Ad-hoc short-term incentivization solutions (“kickers”) for specific sales groups.
  • Personal goal sheets for the sales team to create the expected incentive forecast.