Zviran is Israel’s leading and largest consulting firm in the space of compensation, benefits, pension and employee risk benefits, as well as HR processes.

For more than three decades, Zviran has served hundreds of employers from a variety of industries, sizes, and sectors, whether based locally or abroad. Sixty percent of the companies on the Tel-Aviv 35 index are Zviran clients.

Zviran brings unique added-value to its clients through its special combination of in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the labor market in Israel – compensation, pension and employee risk benefits, labor law, taxation, labor unions, equity-based compensation – along with data collection and analysis on compensation, benefits and employment terms from hundreds of companies over more than 35 years. Among our services:

  • Compensation and benefit surveys
  • Compensation and benefit consulting
  • HR process and relocation consulting
  • Consulting for employers on pensions and employee risk benefits
  • Personal pension and financial support for executives

Zviran is the Israeli partner of Mercer – the world’s largest HR consulting firm.

The Zviran advantage:

  • Zviran is a boutique firm, not a factory. We care about our clients and consistently go the extra mile for them.
  • Our products are based on data, empirical analyses and benchmark, not gut feelings, intuition or theoretical models.
  • We believe in best-fit solutions. We present our clients with standard best practices, but always recommend the most appropriate solution, not necessarily the most common one.
  • Our perspective is global, utilizing practical experience that comes from working in dozens of countries, on three continents.
  • We bring experience from a variety of industries – high-tech, pharmaceuticals, education, insurance, banking, consumer goods, and more.
  • We have in-depth understanding of the relationship between corporate headquarters and a subsidiary.
  • We provide the highest level of service – we are available, meet deadlines and have the agility to respond to your needs.