Lighting The Way

Comprehensive Salary and Benefits Surveys

Enable a wide profound knowledge of local and global compensation. 150,000 records create a managerial tool that allows analysis at any level, and as a panoramic view of the big picture.

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Compensation & Benefits Consulting

Is a unique service based on data and familiarity with the market, combined with many years of experience and the ability to synchronize disciplines from the worlds of compensation & benefits.

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Pension & Insurance Consulting

In-depth familiarity and knowledge of the world of compensation and pensions in Israel, accumulated experience, and global abilities, all promise high-quality, unique solutions for our clients.

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The leaders in Israeli compensation, benefits, pension and HR data and consulting.

Meet our team

Zviran Compensation & Benefits Solutions is Mercer’s strategic partner in Israel. Mercer, the largest human resources company in the world, is part of the Marsh & McLennan Group, which is traded in the United States at a market cap of more than $ 40 billion.


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